Welcome To Beech House Veterinary Surgery

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We are an enthusiastic and friendly veterinary team, serving the people and animals of Towcester and the surrounding area. We aim to give you our best possible care and attention.


Our opening hours are from

9am - 6pm  Mondays- Fridays 

9am - 11am  Saturday mornings.

We provide a 24 hour emergency service. If your pet needs attention out of hours, please contact us on


For more information on our Out of Hours Care, please visit our Out of Hours page

Pet Slim and Trim Club

We are running a pet slim and trim club with our Head Nurse Donna so if you think your pet maybe overweight please see our advert below. Within this session your pet will be weighed, its body condition score checked and a weight goal put in place. Help and advice is given on nutrition, exercise and keeping your pet healthy. Please ask our staff for more information.


Could your pet be in better shape?





Spend time with your special friend, get fit, healthy and have lots of fun!

Exercising your dog
  • Walking your dog is the best form of Exercise. Even a short walk will help to burn those calories and give your dog a chance to enjoy the mental stimulation of being outdoors. Remember to start of slowly and build up to your goal.
  • Try something new like dog agility for example. You can join a club or set up a course in the back garden, this is a great way to get younger members of the family to be more involved.
  • As well as increasing outdoor activity, think about how you can increase your dog’s indoor activity, for example using an interactive feeder will help slow down eating, give mental stimulation and help to lose a few extra calories.

Exercising your cat
  • Toys are a great way to play with your cat or simply let them have a box or paper bag to play in! This will increase their heart rate at the same time as having fun.
  • Providing toys at different levels encourages movement and so can be adapted for an elderly cat that has difficulty jumping.
  • Catch the light is a great game to get them active. Simply shine a flash light on the floor and walls and let your cat chase it.
  • Separate your cat’s water and food so that simply by moving from one to another burns calories. Having them on separate floors would burn even more calories!
  • Encouraging your cat to move up and down the stairs. Remember to start slowly and build up to your goals.
  • Food puzzles are a great way for your cat to have fun and get active. You can buy them or why not make one yourself. You can wrap kibble in paper and let your cat rip it open! Or stack up empty toilet rolls, place their kibble at the bottom and let them try to get their paws in to reach for the food. Remember when using food puzzles to use the kibble from their daily allowance and not give them extra!

Top Tips
  • Walk for 5 minutes in one direction the turn around and walk home again! You’ll be amazed at how far you can cover in just ten minutes and you’ll hardly notice the time spent.
  • With clingy dogs, encourage them to walk or run in one direction, then walk or run in the opposite direction yourself. It may take a few moments for them to realise that you are not at their side and they will usually run to catch up with you again!
  • As fitness increases start introducing gradients – in other words, start choosing to walk up hills rather than around them!
  • Short walks are better than none at all and your dog will really enjoy the mental stimulation of being out and about.
  • Depending on the amount of exercise your dog currently gets, the best plan is to gradually increase the daily exercise by only five to ten minutes every couple of days.
  • If you are worried about you pets weight please talk to one of our friendly staff who can provide you with advice on nutrition, check your pet’s health and get you on the right track to a happy and healthy pet.
  • A food chart is a great way to keep track of what your pets are eating during the day especially in a busy household so that they don’t get fed twice!

We have a very informative display in our waiting area and plenty of leaflets to guide you through helping your pet get healthy. Our friendly staff are on hand for any help and advice you require so please come in and see us!